New Song - Dirty Old England out 21st June

After a self imposed sabbatical of over 8 years, Wayne Jackson is back with a new release.

I always had a strong sense of pride being British. But the current political intransigence and the wave of populist ignorance has made me feel ashamed. I wrote this song as an antidote to that sickening feeling.

The day after my birthday in 2016 I woke up to find the "Brexit" referendum had been incredulously won by the “leave” lobby.  The referendum had only been sanctioned as a kind of pissing contest between rivals in the Tory Party.

 Now 3 years on, the county is the laughing stock of the world stage. We have ex-Prime Minister who claims to value the sanctity of democracy whilst trying to push the same shambolic deal through parliament 4 times. The populist leave vote is as thuggish and loud as ever, agitated by a rightwing press which mixes prejudice with celebrity tittle-tattle.

 There are two million new voters since the referendum took place, and there is a growing consensus amongst the educated people that we’re about to make the most monumental historical and financial mistake. 6 million people signed a petition to revoke article 50 and a further million people took to the streets to voice their rejection of the deal.  But still the leaders of the two main parties remain deaf to the pleas.

 Politicians from all sides are out of touch and refuse to give the people a final say now that the alternatives are clear. The original leave lobby was fuelled by lies and broke electoral fairness rules. And still, despite these irregularities, the most inept and incompetent world leader of all time refused to allow the public to vote off on her disaster deal or even revoke Brexit completely.